RiME by Tequila Works: A Game Review and Summary

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Delivering a Powerful Message Through Gameplay

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead!**

When you first look at the cover art for RiME, it’s hard to tell what exactly the game will be about. You have no idea that you will learn powerful life lessons as you solve puzzles and go through the intricate story line.

RiME was released May 26, 2017 by Tequila Works. You play as a young boy who has shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a storm. You advance through the game by going through various puzzles, and you experience various scenes that can relate to real-world hardships. This game teaches powerful messages without even saying a word. It is a story of love, loss, and letting go.

Quick Summary:

A young boy, the main character that you play as throughout the game, dies from falling overboard while out on a stormy, late-night boating trip with his father. The boy washes up on an island, which serves as a spiritual journey, and thus, begins the gameplay. On this journey, the boy solves various puzzles, and overcomes fear, sorrow, and despair before he can finally accept his fate and pass on. At the end of the journey, the boy finally gets the chance to say goodbye to his father, giving his father closure.

Longer Summary:

One scene, which is one of the boy’s flashbacks, shows the ship with the boy and a man in a red cape in a ravenous storm, struggling to stay aboard. Eventually the ship gets too rocky and the man falls overboard.

When the boy is on the island, a spirit fox leads him through puzzles, deeper and deeper into the island. As the story progresses, a player may discover there is a deeper meaning behind the story.

The boy goes through hardships while activating the relics on the island, getting closer and closer to the truth. The spirit fox sacrifices itself to power one of the last relics, leaving the boy alone and nearly helpless. The boy battles the darkness taking him over and wins, light triumphs, and he finally figures out that he is dead.

In the end, you play as the mysterious figure that was on the boat, and you figure out that, in fact, it was the boy who fell off the ship. The figure, which is the boy’s father, finally has closure because he didn’t know if his son was alive or not. He could finally let go.

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I cried at the end of the game. The entire game you play as the boy, and you figure out that you were dead the entire time, stuck between life and death. You experience loss and fear, and the journey, despite a challenge, was great to play through.

Overall, I rate this game 10/10. I would definitely encourage you to play it through, even if it becomes difficult. It is a powerful game that has powerful meaning.

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