Overwatch League and Females in Professional Gaming

Photo Credit: Inven Global

Will Geguri Change the Course of the Dragons?

Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon signed on as the first female player in the Overwatch League, playing for the Shanghai Dragons. She is breaking those long-running stereotypes, such as “only boys can do well in video games,” or “‘girls who play video games only play ‘girly’ games.'”

Actually, Geguri does so well in Overwatch, she was accused of cheating because of her unbelievable tracking skills with Zarya, a tank character in Overwatch. Although she is very shy, Geguri accepted the invitation to prove her expertise in front of a live audience. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that Geguri was NOT cheating.

At only 18, Geguri is already payed a nice salary. Her salary has not yet been released, but the average pay of a player in the Overwatch League is between $80k to $120k per player. One player, Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won, is getting paid a $150k salary.

The Shanghai Dragons haven’t done the best the standings, with their overall win – loss – tie ratio being 9 – 76 – 1 as of April 5, 2018. They did show hope in their latest game, but overall still lost the match. Geguri debuted her skills in this match, and was definitely a helpful addition to the team.

There is a lot of pressure playing for a professional league, so I encourage you to cheer Geguri and the Shanghai Dragons on, and any professional female gamers you may encounter.

For more information on Geguri and the Shanghai Dragons, please read “Can Geguri save Shanghai Dragons?” from ESPN esports.

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